Dented & Bruised Products on Sale

Dented & Bruised Products on Sale

We're selling a limited supply of products with various cosmetic issues. This could be due to damaged boxes, undeliverable products that have been returned to us, opened products, and similar issues.

All these products are sold at a big discount.

Read the descriptions below to learn what the specific issues are, then select the product you want in the dropdown list and add it to your cart. If you want more than one product, simply repeat the process.

Please see the product images for examples of the cosmetic issues.

Old Bedroom Battle - Missing rules 
These are a few leftovers from our first print of Bedroom Battle that has a simpler and not-so-sturdy box compared to the new version. Also, these copies do not have an outer plastic wrap and they are all missing the rule sheets. English and Swedish versions of the rules can be downloaded and printed out here: http://www.tingletouch.com/rules. The game itself is exactly the same as the new version.

New Bedroom Battle - Damaged box
This is the new version of Bedroom Battle that we sell on the website. The cards and rules are in perfect condition but the box is a little damaged.

Luck & Love - Cosmetic issues
The box has suffered a few dents and bruises and there might be a very small dent on a card or token, but nothing that in any way affect the game.

Old Dare Duel - Various box issues
This is the old version of Dare Duel that, compared to the version we sell on the website, comes in a simpler box, the cards have another graphic style, and it does not have a notepad. The game itself is the same though, and the cards and rules are in perfect condition. The box also has some dents, and you may even get a signed copy where the signature is upside down!:)
9.99 EUR